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Tips for Storing and Freezing Cookies 
by Michelle Jones, Founder of

Save time and money by preparing cookies ahead of time and storing them properly.  Many cookies can be baked and then frozen, or you can simply freeze the cookie dough and have fresh baked cookies every day of the week!

Here's a Few Tips to Ensure Your Home Baked Cookies Stay Fresh

~ Generally, cookies can be stored in an airtight container for several weeks and in the freezer for up to 3-6 months.  If cookies are frosted or contain cream cheese store them in the fridge.  Also, peanut butter balls are GREAT chilled!

~ I like to store my cookies in large food storage containers with wax paper separating each layer and a tight fitting lid.  Though sometimes I will place fresh baked cookies in a plastic zip bag when I make just one dozen at a time.  

~ Always wait until cookies are completely cooled (use wire racks) before storing!

~ If soft cookies become hard simply place a slice of bread in the container and the cookies will become soft again!  (Also, be sure to not overbake your cookies, this is the #1 reason why cookies get too hard.)

~ When baking cookies in advance for special occasions or holidays, be sure to select cookies that are easy to store.  For example, I would not freeze very fragile cookies or frosted cookies, unless I absolutely had to.  

~ If you need to freeze frosted cookies just freeze them unfrosted and cover with frosting after they are completely thawed.

~ When freezing baked cookies be sure they are completely cooled before you put them in the freezer, just as you would do for regular storage.

~ If you're baking several different types of cookies freeze them in separate containers to maintain the best flavor.

~  And just as we do when preparing cookies for safe shipping, wrap cookies to be frozen by the pair with plastic wrap, back to back.  (For more details on how to wrap cookies please read our helpful article on How to Ship Cookies So They Will Arrive Fresh and Undamaged.)  This will keep them nice and secure!

~ Or, when baking large quantities of cookies to be frozen in advance you can fill the large plastic food containers (that are freezer safe) with dozens of cookies and use wax paper to separate the layers.  Just make sure the lid stays on very securely while the cookies are being stored in the freezer!

~ It's also a good idea to place wrapped cookies in a freezer safe container or even a large freezer bag, for extra protection.  Cookie tins can also be used, which makes them very convenient for gift giving!

~ If you're storing cookies in the freezer indefinitely and not for a special occasion that is coming up soon, be sure to write the date on the container or freezer bag so you don't forget to use them up in time, that would be tragic! :o)

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