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Enjoy these delicious samples of our beloved Cookie Club recipe collection as we continue to bake and share more cookies for you here on our website each week. We'd love for you to join us and share our cookie recipes with your friends on our Facebook page! :o)
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A... is for Almonds, Anise, and Amaretto

Scandinavian Almond Bars with Icing
Almond Bars - Scandinavian with Icing
Almond Coffee Walnuts
Amaretti Cookies
Amaretto Sours
Anise Cookies

Honey Almond Crunch Cookies
Honey Almond Crunch Cookies

B... is for Bars, Biscotti, and Brownies

Candy Bar Cookies
Bar Cookies - Candy Bar
Bar Cookies - Paradise Nut

Chunky Pecan Pie Bars
Bar Cookies - Chewy Pecan
Bar Cookies - Pineapple
Bar Cookies - Sweet Dreams
Biscotti - Double Chocolate with Walnuts (Italian)

Brownie Cookies
Brownie Cookies
Brownies - Kahlua with Chocolate Drizzle
Brownies - Rocky Road
Brownies - Sweet Dream Bars

Granny's Scrumpdelishes Cookies     

C... is for Cake Mix, Carrots, Cereal, Chocolate Chips, Christmas, Cinnamon, Cranberries, and Cream Cheese

Cake Mix Cookies - Chocolate Chip

Cake Pops and Cookie Balls
Cake Mix Cookies - Holiday Cake Pops and Cookie Balls

Lemon Cake Mix Cookies
Cake Mix Cookies - Lemon
Cake Mix Cookies - Snickerdoodles
Cake Mix Cookies - Strawberry
Carrot Cookies
Carrot Cookies with Orange Frosting

Granny's Scrumpdelicious Cookies
Cereal Cookies - Granny’s Scrumpdelicious
Cereal Cookies - World's Best
Chocolate Chip Cookies - Bars
Chocolate Chip Cookies - Best
Chocolate Chip Cookies - Mom’s Double Chocolate
Chocolate Chip Cookies - Puffy
Chocolate Chip Cookies - Randall's
Chocolate Chip Cookies - The Ultimate
Chocolate Chip Cookies - With Less Chocolate
Chocolate Kahlua Cookies
Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies

Chinese Chews
Christmas Cookies - Chinese Chews
Christmas Cookies - Chocolate Crinkles
Christmas Cookies - Cookie Press Recipe 1
Christmas Cookies - Cookie Press Recipe 2
Christmas Cookies - Fruitcake
Christmas Cookies - Lebkuchen (German)
Christmas Cookies - Peppernuts

Red Velvet Cookies
Christmas Cookies - Red Velvet

Cookie Mix in a Jar Gifts
Christmas Cookies - Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Cookies (Gifts in a Jar)

Frosted Sugar Cookies
Christmas Cookies - Sugar Cookies with Frosting

Thumbprint Cookies with Jam
Christmas Cookies - Thumbprint Cookies with Jam

White Chocolate Cranberry Nut Cookies
Christmas Cookies - White Chocolate Cranberry Nut Cookies
Cinnamon Crisp Cookies with Molasses
Cinnamon (also see Snickerdoodles)
Coconut Cookies
Coconut Cookies - Real Dad's Cookies
Cranberry Cherry Ribbon Cookies
Cranberry Nut Bars
Cream Cheese Cookies
Cream Cheese Cookies - Clouds
Cream Cheese Cookies - Crescents with Nut Filling

D... is for Dates

Dates (also see Christmas Cookies - Chinese Chews)
Grandma's Date Pinwheel Cookies
Rock Cookies

E, F... is for Fat-Free

Fat-Free Lemon Cookies

G... is for Ginger, Girl Scouts®, Graham Crackers, and Gumdrops

Giant Chewy Ginger Cookies

Ginger Snap Oat Cookies
Ginger Snap Oat Cookies

Girl Scout (R) Thin Mints (R)
Girl Scout Cookies® - Thin Mints®
Graham Cracker Cookies

Gumdrop Cookies
Gumdrop Cookies

H... is for Healthy and Halloween

Body Builder Cookies - Bran
Chocolate Chip Cookies - Whole-Wheat

Healthy Cranberry Honey Cookies
Healthy Cookies - Cranberry Honey
Halloween Cake Pops and Cookie Balls

Halloween Ghost Cookies
Halloween Cookies - Ghost Cookies
Halloween Cookies - Raisin Filled Pumpkin Cookies

I, J, K, L... is for Lemon

Lemon Cookies - Helen's S Cookies

Lemon Ricotta Cookies with Lemon Glaze
Lemon Cookies - Ricotta with Lemon Glaze
(also see Cake Mix Cookies)
Lemon Cookies - Fat Free
Lemon Sugar Cookies

M... is for Macadamia Nuts, M&Ms, and Molasses

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies
Macadamia Nut Cookies - White Chocolate
M&M's® Candy Cookies - Crisp Graham Cookies
Molasses Cookies - Cinnamon Crisps
Molasses Cookies - Old Fashioned (2 recipes)
Molasses Cookies - Spice Cookies
Molasses Cookies - Grandma's

N... is for No Bake (often 3-5 ingredients)

No Bake Cookies (Recipe 1)
No Bake Cookies - Recipe 1
No Bake Cookies - Recipe 2
No Bake Cookies - Recipe 3
No Bake Cookies - Recipe 4
No Bake Cookie - Recipe 5

O... is for Oatmeal

Crispy Oat Treats
Oatmeal Cookies - Chocolate Chip
Oatmeal Cookies - Raisins, No Eggs

Super Chewy Oatmeal Cookies
Oatmeal Cookies - Super Chewy

P... is for Peanut Butter, Peanuts, Pineapple, Potato Chips, and Pumpkin

Peanut Butter Cookies - Chocolate Chip Krispies
Peanut Butter Cookies - Chocolate Grahams

Peanut Butter Cookies
Peanut Butter Cookies - Giant
Peanut Butter Cookies - Sandwich
Peanut Chip Chewies
Peanuts - Marguerites
Pineapple Bars
Potato Chip Cookies

Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars
Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars

Q, R, S, T... is for Raisins, S'mores, Snickerdoodles, Sour Cream, Sugar, and Sugar Free

Grammy's Raisin Cookies

S'mores Cookie Bars
S'mores Cookie Bars
Snickerdoodles - Recipe 1
Snickerdoodles - Recipe 2
Snickerdoodles - Recipe 3

Sour Cream Cookies
Sour Cream Softies
Sugar Cookies - Eileen's Frosted
Sugar Cookies - Lemon
Sugar Free Cookies - 3-Ingredients

U, V, W... is for Valentine's Day, Viennese, Walnuts, Wedding

Valentine's Day Cookies - Sugar Cookies
Valentine's Day Cookies - Kisses
Viennese Crescents - Pastry with Apricot Jam
Walnut or Pecan Cookies - No Oil or Butter

Moldy Mice Cookies
Wedding Cookies - Moldy Mice
Wedding Cookies - Recipe 2 (Mexican Wedding Cakes)

X, Y, Z... is for Zucchini

Zucchini Brownies Recipe with Chocolate Frosting
Zucchini Brownies with Chocolate Frosting

Zucchini Cookies
Zucchini Cookies

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